John CLEVELAND, Jr. 1695-1790?

Born about 1695 (or 1711?) in Spotsylvania Co., VA to John CLEVELAND, Sr. and unknown wife.

In 1698 sister Elizabeth was born, and baptised 24 Apr 1698 in Abingdon Parish.

Brother Micajah was born in 1714, followed by another brother, William.

In 1728, John, Jr. married Ann RHYSE (or RICE) in Essex, formerly Old Rappahannock Co., VA, and their first child, daughter Jane CLEVELAND, was born later that year in Blue Run, Orange Co., VA.

One year later, on 6 May 1729, son Jacob was born in Spotsylvania Co., VA (part that later became Culpeper Co. in 1748)

Note: New counties were continually being created out of larger counties as the population grew. Spotsylvania Co. was created in 1720 from part of Essex Co. and several others. In 1734 Orange Co. was created from the Northern part of Spotsylvania County. Culpeper Co. was formed from NW part of Orange Co. in 1748. With this in mind, it is plausible that the family didn't move - the name of the county they were in just changed!

Sometime after 1748, wife Ann RHYSE died in Pittsylvania Co., VA - which indicates the family moved further south and west into Virginia.

There are records of a John CLEVELAND in Pittsylvania Co. in 1767 - a list of Tithables, Pittsylvania County, Virginia taken by Captain John Ward states: John Cleveland - Thomas Hardy, Peter Lee. Negroes: Harry, Jack, Abram, Bess, Tom Ben, Nant, Jack, Dick, Matt, Tom, John, Thomas.

Land records/deeds discovered by researcher Grace Green show a John Clever, which Grace believes to actually be Cleveland, having land transactions from 1771 to 1775 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, as well as a John Cleveland in the 1790 Pittsylvania County, VA census. - Documents were handwritten and sometimes difficult to decipher!

John Cleveland, Jr. died some time during or after 1790, also in Pittsyvania Co., VA.

NOTE:There were several John Clevelands living in Virginia during this time, so it's difficult to tell which one is connected to the various records found.