Jacob CLEVELAND 1729 - 1791

First Cleveland in Elbert Co., Georgia
Soldier of the American Revolution from Virginia
DAR Ancestor # A200859

Jacob Cleveland was born May 6, 1729 in Spotsylvania Co., a part that later became known as Culpeper, Culpeper Co., Virginia to parents John, Jr. and Ann RICE CLEVELAND {3} (older genealogies state parents were Jeremiah and Sarah MIMMS CLEVELAND}.

At the time Jacob was born, he had one sister named Jane who was about one year old.

On October 10, 1756, Jacob married Mildred (Millie) WHITE, (born May 20, 1739 - daughter of Jeremiah WHITE and Mary MARTIN), in Culpeper, Culpeper Co., VA.

Jacob and Mildred WHITE CLEVELAND had eleven children:

  • Jeremiah b.12Aug1757, Culpeper Co., VA; m. Nancy Helen CLARK - our AZ Clevelands' ancestor
  • Rice b.13Mar1759, Culpeper Co., VA; m. 1788 to Rachel COGBURN
  • Elizabeth b.1759, Culpeper Co., VA
  • James b.2Jul1762, Culpeper Co., VA
  • Wyatt b.23Feb1763, Culpeper Co., VA; m. 1789 to Temperance FREEMAN
  • William b.8Apr1766, Culpeper Co., VA; m. Rhoda WRIGHT
  • Mary b.7Jan1767, Culpeper Co., VA;
  • John b.30 Nov1769, Culpeper Co., VA; m. Rhoda KIDD
  • Jacob Jr. b.25Jan1772, Culpeper Co., VA; m. Martha LYONS
  • Reuben b.13Aug1776, VA; m. Mary ALEXANDER
  • Daniel b.9Sep1778, VA

Tradition states that Jacob CLEVELAND and family lived in Culpeper Co., VA until about 1780, when they moved to SC, but there is evidence that he may have first moved to Pittsylvania Co. near his father before continuing south.

Jacob Cleveland is found on Capt. Hankin's List of Pittsylvania County VA Oath of Allegiance, taken in May 1777:

  • “I do swear or affirm that I renounce and refuse all allegiance to George the third, King of Great Britain, his heirs and successors, and that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the commonwealth of Virginia, as a free and independent state, and that I will not, at any time, do, or cause to be done, any matter or thing that will be prejudicial or injurious to the freedom and independence thereof, as declared by congress; …”

Early in 1780 Jacob and Millie and some of their adult children moved to Abbeville District, SC. Soon Jacob and his sons left the farm to join up with the Patriots to fight against the British.{8}

Shortly after the war was over, Jacob and Millie moved across the Savannah River into a portion of Wilkes County later known as Elbert County, GA. About two and one-half miles southwest of Edinburg, at the time a prosperous settlement at the mouth of Coldwater Creek where it emptied into the Savannah River (now Lake Richard B. Russell), Jacob built a colonial home of logs and lived there until he died in 1791.{8}{2}

The photo at right is of the Cleveland house in Georgia.

Jacob Cleveland died on or before May 16, 1791, in Ruckersville, Elbert County, Georgia.{3}
“From the will of Jacob Cleveland, recorded in Elbert Co., GA: Executed April 4 1790. Recorded May 16, 1791. Value of estate: P., 352; S., 7; D., 10. Provisions: All just debts to be paid. "Give to my wife house wherein I do now dwell with all furniture and the lands and the negro named Chain, Tom and Aaron, and all other tenements that lie about it, and if the above named wench Chain have another child after this date I give it to my daughter, Elizabeth, during her life and then to her heirs, if any, and if she dies without any heirs then it shall fall to my youngest sons, and to be equally divided between them, Reuben Cleveland and Daniel Cleveland and ITEM. I give to my son, Jeremiah Cleveland, a bond that I have on John Stagton." Executors: Wife, Will Kidd and Jeremiah Cleveland. Witnesses: Reuben White and John White.” {3}

November 5, 1805 Jacob's wife Mildred WHITE CLEVELAND died in Ruckersville, Elbert, Georgia.

The twelve names of Jacob and Millie Cleveland's children are listed on the memorial headstone in the Cleveland cemetery in Elbert County, Georgia - see photo at left.

Jacob and Millie WHITE CLEVELAND are buried in Cleveland Cemetery, Ruckersville, Elbert Co., Georgia.

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