Alexander CLEVELAND 1687 - 1774

Born in July of 1687, Alexander CLEVELAND was Roger Cleveland's second son, but the first with wife Dorcas ALEXANDER CLEVELAND. Alexander was baptized on July 31, 1687 in Abingdon Parish, Virginia. His mother, Dorcas, died later the same year in Occoquan, Prince William Co., Virginia.

When Alexander was born, he had a sister Elizabeth, age 3, and a half-brother John, age 12.

Alexander has for a long time thought to have married Mildred/Milly Presley, but was possibly first married to a Mary, with Mildred PRESLEY possibly as a second wife.
“ In the 1899 Cleveland Genealogies (a good resource for Cleveland research, but there are many errors in the Southern line) there is a line that reads something like this, "Alexander's wife was named Mary. He may have been married a second time to a Milly Presley."{1}

In 1712, Alexander Cleveland, Jr., son of Alexander and Mary Cleveland, was born, baptized May 25, 1712 in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia.

Their second son, John, was born July 31, 1714 and baptized August 24, 1714.

Grace Cleveland, first daughter of Alexander and Mary Cleveland, was born September 1, 1716 and baptized September 1716.

Two years later, Alexander and Mary had another son, William, born February 23, 1718 and baptized March 22, 1718.

Another son, Benjamin, was born November 21, 1721 and baptized November 28, 1721.

Alexander, at the age of 51, purchased 400 acreas of land in Orange County, Virginia from Laurence Franklyn in 1738.{1,2}

Some time during or before 1752, when Alexander was 65, his wife Mary died:
“ It is my belief that Mary had died by 1752, since Alexander signed a Deed alone.”{1}

The deed was signed on November 22, 1752, transferring 100 acres in Orange County, Virgina to John Taylor:
Alexander Cleveland (alone) deeds John Taylor of Culpeper Co., Nov 22, 1752 100 acres part of a patent granted to Laurence Franklyn for 400 acres and sold to Cleveland in 1738, consid. 5 shillings; cross mark to Cleveland's name to deed.”{1, 2}

The next day, November 23, 1752, Alexander transferred another 100 acres to 1752 to John TAYLOR:
Same to same Nov 23, 1752 100 acres part of patent to same party. consid. £12.108.” {1,2}  NOTE: No wife was joined in these deeds. Since the transfer of realty was involved, which required a wife to waive her dower rights, we must conclude that Mary had died.{1}

Alexander CLEVELAND, at the age of 82, was in the poor house by November 30, 1769.
It looks as if Alexander Cleveland was in bad shape financially as he was in the poor house by Nov 30, 1769 [IT:GLSG:IT]” {1}

Church records between 1772 and 1774 show Alexander's son-in-law, Edward Coffee, accepting donations of clothing and tobacco to bring to Alexander:
“Nov 30, 1770 p 96 "To Edward Coffee for providing for Alexander Cleveland 1 year now to come accept his cloathing. £3.00". [Edward Coffee was his son-in- law, husband of his daughter Grace Cleveland]” {1,3}
Nov 30, 1772 p 104 " To Edward Coffee for old Cleveland, 3 pounds tobacco".{1,3}
“Between Oct 25, 1773 & Feb 9 1774 p 107 "Ordered that the Church Wardens provide such things for Alexander Cleveland as they shall think necessary". 
"To William Sumpter for pair of shoes to Cleveland, 5 pounds tobacco". {1,3}

Sometime after 9 Feb 1774 – Alexander CLEVELAND died.
“I have found no other entries on Alexander, so he must have died sometime shortly after February 9, 1774, at least by 1775 [IT:GLSG:IT]” {1}

Some believe this Alexander CLEVELAND (1687-1774) had nine children listed below – alternate view notes are listed:

  • Jeremiah – research shows no Jeremiah as son of Alexander, possibly confused with Jeremiah WHITE
  • Alexander
  • John
  • Grace – m. Edward COFFEE
  • William
  • Benjamin
  • Jane – m. Chelsey COFFEY, research shows actually the daughter of another son of John, also named John (grandson of Roger); this John had two children by a Miss RHYSE/RICE: Jane and the Jacob who married Mildred WHITE.
  • Elizabeth – m. James COFFEY – research shows probably illegitimate daughter of Grace
  • Micajah – research shows actually the son of John (Son of Roger)


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