Potter Family Group Sheets

Since the POTTER family was somewhat intertwined with the CLEVELAND family, POTTER Family Group Sheets includes some of the POTTERs connected to the CLEVELAND family, either through marriage or friendship.

The main person with the POTTER surname that is directly related to our CLEVELAND family is Rebecca POTTER - spouse of George William CLEVELAND. Rebecca POTTER was first married to a GORDON, second to John H. HILDRETH. George William CLEVELAND was her third husband.

    Others listed are:
  • Thomas Potter - father of John Potter and others.
  • John Potter - father of William Potter, Rebecca Potter, James Knox Polk Potter, and others; moved some of Potter family to California.
  • William Potter - brother of Rebecca and James K P Potter who moved some of the Potter family from California to Texas.
  • James K. P. Potter - friend of George Cleveland; father of Tuck and Rube Potter; also moved his family from California to Texas, and then to Arizona.
  • Tuck and Rube Potter - both known by the Arizona Clevelands.

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