Letter from W. J. Hildreth to Master Willie W Hildreth

Ukiah City

March 5th 1888

Master Willie W Hildreth


Dear Nephew,

Yours of Feb. 22 is at hand. Was glad to hear from you that you was well ??Vc.

Now Willie, I find upon enquiry that I cannot send you the money to Bisbee, neither by Express nor by Post Office because there is no Money Order office at Bisbee nor Express office. I can send it to any of the following named Post Offices that will be most convenient for you to get it. All in Cochise County, Benson, Camp Huachuca, Fort Bowie, Tombstone and Wilcox. Write immediately and tell me which one of the above named places you wish to have it sent, and I will promptly send it to you, and I will also drop you a note at Bisbee to let you know when I start the money. The letter will also contain the Money Order, that is the best I can do. If I sent it as you propose vis: by paper money in a Reg. letter, I would have to send it at my own risk, that is if the letter was lost or stolen I would be the looser. I prefer to send it in a more safe manner. So hurry up and get an answer to me and you will get your money more certain than the other way. Tell me how all of your folks are when you write. And when you get the money do not act like Nettie and Lue not let me know if you get your money or not. I do not know today whether they got their money all right, or not. This leaves us all well and I hope you are the same, and I always hope that when I hear from you that it will be that you are an industrious boy and perfectly honorable in all your dealings and then I will know you are a true Hildreth.

Yours affectionately

W J Hildreth