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from Mendocino County, California, Civil Case No. 868
On December 13, 1872, a complaint was filed in Mendocino County court - People vs. Wm Eddington and Geo. Cleveland, stating "defendants did unlawfully, willfully and maliciously make an assult upon Joseph Gschwend with a six shooter pistol...." Written on back of Complaint - "Eddington found guilty and held for $500 bail."

from Mendocino Democrat Dec. 19, 1872; pg. 3, Col, 1
"We learn that a young man named George Cleveland shot and killed a man named Crowey in Anderson Valley on Sunday night last. It seems that two or three young men had abducted a young girl from her parents, and subsequently got into a quarrel among themselves in regard to the girl. This quarrel seems to have been outside of the house, and Crowey hearing the dispute stepped out and asked what was the matter when he was immediately shot, the ball entering near the mouth and coming out at the base of the skull, separating the skull from the neck bone, causing instant death. It does not seem that Crowey was materially connected with the dispute or with the abduction of the girl. But as the whole matter will probably be investigated by the Courts we deem further comment or details unadvisable."

from The San Francisco Examiner Dec. 20, 1872; pg. 3
"The Russian River Flag of December 19th says: An affray that occurred at Gschwend’s mill in Anderson Valley last Sunday evening is thus reported to us by Wm. Robinson, of Moore’s stage line:
George Cleveland, who was under the influence of liquor, and William Edington were having an altercation, when James Corway, a relative of Edington’s, who also was in liquor, interposed in a friendly way to make peace between the parties. At this, Cleveland shot Corway through the head, killing him instantly. The pistol was so close that the powder burnt the victim’s face. It is not known which of the two men Cleveland tried to kill. He says he doesn’t know which he shot at. It was after dark and the men were standing in the road. Corway was about twenty-one years old and was a relative of the Hogan brothers of Napa, two of whom, John and Patrick, formerly lived in Healdsburg. In answer to a telegram from Cloverdale, one of the Hogans went up to Anderson Valley for the body of Corway, and passed through this place with it last Tuesday night en route for Napa. Cleveland was under arrest and was to have had an examination yesterday."

from The Cloverdale Bee Dec. 21, 1872; pg. 3
"A man under the influence of Liquor Kills a Friend. On last Sunday, about 7 o’clock in the evening, a man by the name of George Cleveland shot and instantly killed another named George Crowey, at Guntley’s Saloon, about 12 miles from Booneville, Mendocino County. The following are the particulars, as we learn them. It seems that Cleveland and one William Eddington had been drinking and quarreling during the afternoon about some trivial matter; Cleveland attempting to shoot Eddington at different times. Crowey hearing of the difficulty and being friendly to both parties went into Guntley’s Saloon, and walking up to Cleveland asked him what he meant by trying to shoot a friend. Cleveland replied that perhaps he would like to be shot, and, at the same time fired at Crowey, killing him instantly – the ball entering just above the nose and passing through the head. Cleveland was immediately arrested. Crowey’s corpse passed through town Tuesday on its way to Napa county, where his parents reside, to be buried."

from Mendocino Democrat Dec. 26, 1872; pg. 3, Col, 1
"REFUSED - George Cleveland, who was held to bail in the sum of $10,000 by the Justice of the Peace for the murder of George Crowey, petitioned the County Court, Judge Harrison to have bail reduced. The Judge refused."

from Mendocino Democrat Feb. 27, 1873; pg. 3, Col, 1
"REFUSED - Cleveland, who is under arrest for the killing of Crowey in Anderson Valley, some months ago, it will be recollected was bound over by Justice Fowzer in the sum of $10,000 to answer before the Grand Jury. He was before County Judge Harrison last Tuesday on writ of habeas corpus, and tendered bond. The bond was refused on account of alleged insufficiency and Cleveland returned to jail."

from Mendocino Democrat Mar. 6, 1873; pg. 3, Col, 1
"PERSONAL - We notice in town an old acquaintance, George W. Crowey, Esq., of Napa City, who we used to interview in that place in days gone by. Mr. Crowey is father of the Crowey that was killed at Anderson Valley something over two months ago, and is here to see about the result of the investigation before the Grand jury."
"DISCHARGED - It will be seen by the Court proceedings that W. Eddington, who was in prison in connection with the shooting of Crowey at Anderson Valley, after an examination by the Grand Jury, has been discharged."

from Mendocino County California, Civil Case No. 835
"PEOPLE vs GEO. W. CLEVELAND Indictment of Murder (Murder of James V. Crowey) Demurrer dated 15 April 1873 (Defendent pled Not Guilty) Judgment dated Aug. 4, 1874 Convicted of Manslaughter; sentence - imprisonment for five years in state prison of the State of California."

from Mendocino Democrat August 8, 1874; pg. 3, Col, 1
"CLEVELAND - After a four days siege the jury in the Cleveland case brought in a verdict of manslaughter and on Tuesday, he was sentenced to five years in the State Prison. The same day he was taken off, under charge of the Sheriff, who also had under his care for the Asylum, a crazy man sent over from the coast. We in common with many others who know the father of young Cleveland sympathize with that gentleman in his misfortune. He has at least the satisfaction of knowing that with the ardor of natural instinct he did all he could to avert the fate which the law made it imperative on the Judge to prescribe."

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